in our daily life, in our homes, often find delicious dishes, is living in the big city is very difficult to eat delicious. Recently, although there is no meat sales season, but the empress Wang Muchuan County cured products factory is one of the busy, selecting, weighing, bagging, sealing, packing, then packed hundreds of packing bag bacon waiting car, sent to all parts of the country. With the help of "Internet plus", Leshan bacon popular to a certain role in the development of the economy.

leveraging "Internet plus", Muchuan is also popular off-season old bacon. "This month, Tmall, Taobao online businesses have ordered more than 1 thousand pounds of bacon, sausage, WeChat on the business order of more than and 200 pounds." The plant is responsible for Ceng Huailiang while inventory number of bags, while checking the quality of meat. Since the beginning of 2011 online sales, sales year after year, this year’s sales revenue is expected to exceed 1 million yuan."

"online sales, quality is the premise." Ceng Huailiang with my visit factory. I saw the building all kinds of goods placed orderly, with bright windows and clean tables, accessories, pickled, baked smoked, dressing and filling, vacuum packaging, inspection room and freezer Goods are available in all varieties. "Do food first to do conscience. We are sorting according to organic food standards, inspection and quarantine departments of animal husbandry, quality inspection department checks pass rate of 100%." In the workshop, Ceng Huailiang refers to the colored bright Ze Bacon said, "we are the first to get " the national industrial products production license " cured meat products enterprises, without the use of additives in the production process, products passed QS."

The king empress

cured products factory is the predecessor of the former Muchuan County Food Company meat processing plant, the transformation has 32 years of history, Muchuan is a time-honored food processing factory. The plant is based on the ecological advantages of Muchuan, on the basis of the traditional formula of bold innovation, investment about 500000 yuan to upgrade the equipment and facilities, the production of pickled products quality, pure fragrance.

2013, "Huaxidoushibao" announced the first batch of finalists for the 2013 example Chinese Media Awards food an Chengdu food company, Muchuan county Wang Niangniang cured products factory in the organic agricultural products (000061, stock it) industry "on the list; in 2014, the factory production of meat was" like the people in Leshan agricultural products "title; in 2015, the factory registered trademark" Shu Gong "Leshan famous trademark title.

The king empress

cured products net sales unpopular, the county is actively seize opportunities for development, "Internet plus" a microcosm of boosting the transformation and upgrading of leading enterprises of agricultural products. In recent years, Muchuan to build a modern agricultural demonstration park 6 categories 30, including organic agricultural products up to 26 thousand and 500 acres of the base, Mishina a standard of 4 agricultural products recommended