people say that knowledge change destiny, in fact, only the flexible use of knowledge in order to truly change the fate. For migrant workers, in the process of learning a lot of knowledge, but also accumulated a lot of money. With these accumulated knowledge and funds to start a business, change the fate of the big boss is not out of reach. Change the fate of entrepreneurs, workers can also be the boss.

has been correct, and there will still be many migrant workers with their practical actions to prove that the "answer" — and only in recent years, the mainland provinces and cities have a number of migrant workers in developed areas with funds, technology he created all kinds of enterprises and economic entities; at the same time migrant workers, as well as a large part of people through different forms of entrepreneurship, their companies, restaurants and factories have in their original work in the city, in a few years have ordinary workers may never save enough money, successfully realized from working to the role of the boss "upgrade".

All these

workers, with a legendary "start empty-handed", "dig gold" story to tell people: everyone is equal in front of a market economy. This is an era full of opportunities, this is a golden age of entrepreneurship. The high degree of social and economic prosperity, the emergence of new and high technology, social division of labor has become more and more refined for individual entrepreneurship provides a broad space.

In the monthly

specific time to open the business hotline, call the reader to the most frequently asked question is: "I want to do business, now I would like to ask what the most profitable?" Or: "the editor of the teacher, you can give me to recommend a do not lose the project?" Put forward such a problem, and in these two completely wrong entrepreneurial ideas to guide the next venture, it is difficult to taste the joy of success. Because they don’t know how to start, do not know what should be prepared before the start, do not know what will encounter in the entrepreneurial process, do not know the world does not have the "money" and "not paid" project.

working in the country hundreds of millions of people, how many people know through entrepreneurship to change the destiny? How many people can know and know the way to the entrepreneurial venture this road, the boss finally realize the dream? We have no way to answer the question correctly