entrepreneurs in the business process, often will be a lot of chores burdened by many factors of distraction, ignoring a lot of problems, they often ignore the change and adjustment of small, which in fact can do wonders for their profits. If you want to succeed, you should avoid the following 7 mistakes.

1, too much responsibility for their own.

the acclaimed "can do" attitude to limit your development than it sounds. Business owners insist that they can do it themselves, but inadvertently ignore the task entrusted to others, including outsourcing can produce efficiency. Leaders who lack the skills of some areas, accept your role: be responsible for recruiting outstanding, can reduce the workload of managers, experienced job seekers!

2, too much debt for the loan.

on debt financing is not willing to give up the ownership of the company, is a feasible option, but from the banks and investors to take loans, it may be difficult to raise funds, and it will bring more trouble. If a company is expected to grow by 10% next year, then it will be difficult to accept the cumulative interest rate loans of up to 15% years. Through the company’s credit card loans up to 21.99% years of interest rates, its financing is even worse.

3, unresponsive to website optimization.

4, repeated communication on the wrong things.

5, you can not read the knowledge into action.

If entrepreneurs reading and entrepreneurship, business management, marketing planning or related things, can not put these knowledge applying, is a waste of time. I am fully in favor of personal self improvement, but I also believe that if people can not turn knowledge into action and create value, then they will not have any harvest.

6, a company product site, only about the content but no action call.