once the Chinese people to work as a means of getting rich, and now more people in rational choice, and then set foot on the road to return home. This wave of change, so that a new generation of workers to the new development.

the output from the "a rich one" to "one person do poineering work become rich one party" –


2 on Sept. 4, sunny. Deyang City, Zhongjiang County town, high streets and back lanes are rentoucuandong, went to the local people "ridicule" show to the streets to see "," model "of the season.

The population of the county

Two active

with transportation and other infrastructure improvements, the rapid development of county economy in Sichuan, "winner drift generation", also began to be given the same home expectations: the past hope they do link local investment, now expect them to become the new home business model.


import is tide "to" Mayor: to do the "pursuit of the sun"

inherited property, after graduating from junior high school, he also struck three years of stone. But in 1991, 19 years old, he went to work in Guangdong, Zhongjiang county to become a migrant workers pioneer". That time, to catch a trip to Chengdu to take seven or eight hours of the car.

1992 in the spring, "Southern Tour" speech released, China influx of workers overall rise. More and more Zhongjiang people back pack, set foot on the road to go out.