no matter how the times change, can not stop women’s enthusiasm for the dress of a cavity, so there is always a market for women’s clothing store. For the first time to open women’s shop entrepreneurs, the main problem may be the purchase problem. What needs to consider the purchase of women’s clothing store, there are three main points for reference.

1, select the direction:

is already decided to do business men or women’s, the mind must be very clear, not a clothing wholesale market, see what is good, what to do. You must have a clear idea, do not forget to do what the market. Don’t let anything else influence your mind.

2, a good selection of clothing will give you the clothing position:

3, determine the number of incoming

new stores, new stores, the flow of people is unknown, so women’s clothing store purchase should also be conservative, try to make much less money, a small number of "purchase principle. But the store opened, or have a certain amount of stocking.