21 century is the competition for talent, this sentence is not outdated. Compared with employment, entrepreneurship needs more innovative talents. Wuhan give full play to the advantages of science and education and talent, and strive to build Optics Valley as the country’s leading innovation and entrepreneurship base.

in January this year, the "Regulations" East Lake National Innovation Demonstration Zone twelfth Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee for consideration by the thirteenth meeting, become the fundamental law of High-tech Zone, the past 30 years experience to reform and innovation to solidify, laws and regulations in the form of protection reform, encourage innovators.

for making Optics Valley entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs dream Valley ", East Lake high tech Zone to strengthen the province science and technology" ten "," Chinese ten "," ten gold "series of policies to accelerate the reform of scientific and technological achievements management pilot, one branch, Wuhan, large, Huanong 4 in selected countries, the use of scientific and technological achievements, disposal and revenue reform, only 14 universities selected.

in SAR personnel, in-depth implementation of the "3551 Optics Valley Optics Valley talent plan", the establishment of 500 million yuan of equity on behalf of the holders of fund, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial talent enthusiasm. Currently, Optics Valley has gathered thousands of people plan 269 people, hundreds of people plan for the 133, Optics Valley, 3551 talent program of more than 1 thousand people. More than 2 thousand overseas talent team, more than 35 thousand high-level personnel in this business dwelling.

2013 years sow perhaps starting seed, in the past two years has been thick with leaves and deep-rooted. "Green Plan" has formed the overwhelming business situation of "Qing" Trilogy (Qing Tong plan, Qing Tong Hui, Qing Tong College) become Hubei youth entrepreneurship dreamworks".