now people pay more attention to their own health, food safety and health is an important factor to consider, coarse food can satisfy the consumer demand, such as coarse noodles is that we love the coarse food, start this store, absolutely can business is hot! />

1. equipment investment. The purchase of a grain processing equipment needs about 3000 yuan.

2. production cost. The production cost is 0.5 kg corn noodles plus 0.2 yuan in the price of raw materials on (electricity, wages), such as local maize 0.5 kg price of 0.5 yuan, then the production of 0.5 kilograms of corn noodle cost is 0.7 yuan.

1. processing, processing fees charged. The general processing of 0.5 kilograms of noodles, can charge processing fees 0.4 yuan Jian