although the entrepreneurial road beyond count, inevitably some jumbly "trap" waiting for you, now the whole network Xiaobian to help guard against fraud.

three, integrity first, customer first. As long as you really do business customers, you have to treat people, not to engage in small moves, as long as the conditions allow, try to meet customer requirements. Otherwise, you cheated customers, careful customer retaliation, do not become an opportunity to be cheated.

four, not cheap, not money. When people are worthy of sympathy, but his greedy psychology is also is the key! Their 100 yuan is $100, do not expect to immediately become $10000. The rebate can give, but must be made after business, not yet. There’s no rebate, for others, it is because you want to make money too. The old man often say: business is money for you, do not you.

five, two payment, not to engage in credit. This is the key to business. My things can be cheaper to others, but not the price of credit. You buy my look is high, but if it is credit, it is lip-service, water moon, beautiful view, with the bitter.

hope that we can have more entrepreneurial inspiration from preventive tactic, entrepreneurial success.

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