to encourage students to entrepreneurship policy is getting better and better, at the same time, to create entrepreneurial atmosphere is more intense, the day before, Southeast University hosted the 2016 entrepreneurship camp.

2 18 days to 21 days, 2016 Southeast University entrepreneurship camp held in Jiulonghu campus. Southeast University, deputy party secretary and vice president Paul Liu attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The opening ceremony, Secretary of the Communist Youth League school Lu read "on the" Youth "funded by the National College entrepreneurship competition key team race preparation notice".

Deputy Secretary

this winter training content is rich, the school of entrepreneurship education project leader, School of economics and management professor Li Dong in his lecture for the participating campers brought a business analysis open up a fresh outlook practice case, and students on the entrepreneurial project business plan writing put forward a series of proposals; launched with strong practice oriented a series of business training courses Zhu Zhijian School of economics and management, Zhang Xiaoling, Ge Hufei three teachers respectively to market development, organizational operations, business model as the theme.

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