booming business objectives that are good, however, shopping malls amidst the winds of change unprecedented fierce competition. Recently, the author visited the Shandong County, Yangxin, a few small supermarkets learned that the business is difficult to make money too difficult is the common feeling of many retailers now. But I think the business downturn, ‘disease’ because of their own. If you want to continue to operate, prosperous, in the "heart".

first, firm confidence. No matter what you do, you have to believe in yourself. That way you’ll be able to play your best potential. "Faith" is a business to get rich on the road to the beacon. Therefore, retailers should have confidence in their business projects, have confidence in themselves and have confidence in the future. Since the choice of this line, then it should be steadfast do not, because it is difficult to do business, there is "one day at a time" idea, to believe in yourself, I believe, will, I will do well to always go with high morale down every step.

secondly, service enthusiasm. People who get the customer, the customer has the market". For business people, enthusiasm is very important, with enthusiasm to provide customers with high quality services. You think about it, the market is so big, the demand is so much, so many people in this bowl of rice, you can grab?

this requires retailers and friends everywhere for the sake of customers, always stand in the other side of the position to the customer, and turn themselves into a buyer’s assistant, to impress customers with enthusiasm. Through active service, to solve the problems in the process of customer purchase, so that customers feel pleasure, care, so that customers feel satisfied and more loyal, to build a long-term business relationship between the foundation.

third, full of sincerity. A man needs to be honest, to do business based, although everyone says "you look at it, but no business is not evil, and some profiteers can business booming business, maintain for a long time? Now the market competition is very fierce, do business must be honest, must ensure that the goods to the customer as a genuine goods at a fair price, their loved ones, put ourselves for the sake of customers, the business is based on the.

the higher the credibility of the customer to your trust is better, the same thing, in the same level of competition in the business, good faith to do well, to be more competitive, in order to win more customers. There are sincere letter, as long as you are sincere to the customer, then, will not lose customers to your letter, sales will rise steadily.

fourth, observe carefully. In food retail industry increasingly fierce competition today, to win the good sales performance, retailers have to be careful to observe, to pay attention to the business opportunities around everywhere. Why other people can think of, but they do not have it? The problem is that you don’t have to pay close attention to the people around you