2017 years of arrival and did not change the extent of the fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, no matter how cruel the market competition can not stop the enthusiasm of investors to enter the food and beverage market. In this restaurant to feudal lords vying for the throne of the battlefield, gain must be delicious, distinctive. But the idea is good, the reality is skinny, so far, to achieve real change, and triggered a scanty brand hot in the catering sector, and ox steak is one of them. How much does it cost to join the stupid beef steak?

stupid beef steak fee:

stupid beef steak as long as tens of thousands of dollars to join. Stupid cow steak, the shape has all sorts of strange things, fully meet the diverse needs of different consumers, making the roses will never wither, eat, forever in bloom heart! Have a stupid cow sugar painting machine, intelligent machine has the advantages of simple operation, let you easily on the yuan monthly income, that hot spot is good.

stupid beef steak join support:

1, brand image support: headquarters to provide uniform staff clothing, accessories, chest cards, business cards, shop staff training manuals and other stupid beef steak how much money.

2, store decoration support: free shop renovation program and store layout program, to unify the brand image.

3, opening guidance support: take the shop master in person to guide the operation, until the normal operation of the store.

4, technical training support: training staff to help agents in store guidance, so that agents flexible, skilled use. How much is the beef cattle

5, advertising support: CCTV and the country’s major television media advertising, improve sales performance and brand awareness.

6, regional protection support: strictly control the number of agents, to ensure that each agent has sufficient source, to ensure profitability. How much is the beef cattle

7, marketing activities to support: according to the national holiday volume for each agent to provide marketing activities planning.

stupid beef steak followed a hundred years of production technology, take its essence, unique to create a first-class characteristics of fast food, and promote the development of the catering industry. Special secret material bag, each bag ox steak is a top secret health formula, under strict protection, who cannot duplicate business! Stupid cow steak, professional training, set up shop on the profit, easy to join, direct investment wealth in the future! You stupid cow steak, the headquarters for the publicity, professional operation guide for you, make sure you can easily set foot on the road of entrepreneurship. Stupid beef steak to join many successful, the first throw