the last two days is a lot of college freshmen reported that day, at the same time, there are many students who first came to his dream of the university campus, but then say the freshman is very unfortunate.

20 year old freshman Guangdong Xiao Rong (a pseudonym) admitted to the University of Jinan, wanted to open a good life here. On September 4th, Xiao Rong in the day encounter unexpected trouble reports: in a piece of iron after the school auditorium was falling when hit, was sent to the hospital. After that, due to injury, Xiao Rong has not yet enjoyed a day of college life, lost precious life.

9 4 afternoon, so a post appeared in Baidu Post Bar University of Jinan, once posted it attracted the attention of many users to reply, the number of users thread message said the incident occurred in the vicinity of the site, witnessed the scene of the accident scene, there are friends posted photos of the scene of the accident was allegedly.

picture display, in front of the building of a cement open space near the flower beds, an invisible face of young people fell to the ground, wearing a pair of black trousers, white shoes, foot resting on a box shaped object, near the head of the ground is covered with blood.

according to several users thread message "on the morning of September 4th two freshmen in University of Jinan hall on the eastern side of the above, a sudden fall tin like iron, two people were injured, one seriously injured."

Another classmate:

immediately, the reporter came to the third teaching building of School of history and culture industry is located in the lobby, posting recommended