some shopkeepers except sit in the store waiting for customers to come outside, other what all don’t understand, want to have approached and customers don’t know where to start, so if you want to run a successful shop, know little knowledge is actually quite good. Nothing I love gardening, see some health knowledge on properties of fruits and vegetables and eat also have one or two, so to meet the customer carrying vegetables or fruit to visit, I will be in front of the speech naturally or half unconsciously a few words.

saw the customers raised yam and carrots vegetables into the store, I inadvertently strike up with the customer, said the two vegetables are stomach, if you add a little fried fungus together, will be more rich in nutrients, fry vegetables, bright color, beautiful appearance, and the like, can increase appetite, to induce customers to buy their store fungus, often so, I often induce success.

remember once, listen to the customer talking eyes lit, blurred vision, I would recommend his drink wolfberry fruit, Chinese wolfberry can also tell him not only Bushen Mingmu, often drink it, enhanced vision, clear vision, after listening to my introduction, he once bought 5 bags, I am very happy, spare time to see more love and health knowledge.

What drink

like fried ripe jujube kernels can help sleep, eat the grapes can eliminate the black eye, eat walnuts can soothe the nerves, can eat chestnuts tips like kidney, I often talk in front of customers, to get everyone’s approval, and harvest. I also planted many medicinal plants outside the 37, mint and vanilla like, when customers mosquito bites, at any time to pick up 37 of their recommendations, or help the vanilla leaves rubbing juice painted, biting spore will soon go on no longer.

and introduce them to the 37, also called save heart food has a protective effect on blood stasis, heart, mint can cure sore throat, drink water, etc. can be a headache, cold treatment caused a lot of customers remember if things go on like this, these my little life, and insist on the use of. Have a heart disease aunt, heard 37 can cure heart disease, insisted on buying me a pot, I said not to buy, pull a few tree back plug will live, and soon will be able to reproduce a lot. After that, my aunt has been a regular visitor to the store.

is not far away from the store warehouse around, I planted a lot of inserted wormwood, the annual Dragon Boat Festival, dumplings, glutinous rice, jujube sales, I will provide free twigs of wormwood Boiled Egg for customers, and tell them, leaves not only edible, also can boil water bubble removing deficiency, I will collect the rest of the year to prepare dried wormwood, when the needs of customers, to provide free to them, do seem futile, but insisted for a long time, the customer will receive a portrait of return.

remember their children, who often allergic rash, itching to sleep, injections, medicine ointment can’t eradicate, I gave her a little.