what skills do you need to open a barbecue shop? In order to stand out in many similar shops, there is no feature and skills to use technology impossible. But where do these skills go? Xiaobian compiled some experience to share, we want to help the cause of investment.

A, choose the one that has the advantage of geographical location is the key to success.

two, open grill series must be bigger, at least should not be less than other stores, to keep the way to embrace the guest consistent from beginning to end.

three, how to open barbecue restaurant? To make their own barbecue characteristics, taste better than some, such as three characteristics, the entrance of the Xinjiang mutton string, although has just opened, and the price is very expensive, but soon attracted a lot of tourists to eat. But the price is not suitable for our consumption, because the guests eat barbecue is actually killing time or chat with friends, do not want to eat more expensive series, the first two can be, for a long time, treat people naturally want to go to other stores, such as when to eat meal that claim to eat other dishes or go to other barbecue shop, so for a long time, the store sales will be down, there will be no future development, continue to open would have no meaning. Barbecue shop is based on the kind of entertainment, economic benefits is the fundamental business development barbecue shop.

five, do not delay the guests or guests dining caused discontent.

six, how to open barbecue restaurant? The space of each table must be large, to give the guests a comfortable dining environment, so as not to make the guests feel crowded, no appetite. The room door hung keep sight of the things, such as a small cloth or a half curtain, let guests eat a privacy protected feeling, and food can be completely liberalized, there may be little more.

seven, how to open barbecue restaurant? Store decoration must be simple and generous, clean and bright, the ground is less on the items, as far as possible on the ground in addition to tables and chairs, there is no other thing. Avoid giving people the feeling of clutter, so that guests have a comfortable feeling of eating, and this can also effectively increase the space for guests to eat. In addition to the price table and the appropriate publicity, do not hang anything else, one is unsafe, two is not clean, to bring trouble to cleaning.