in the current such a commercial society, the same product, the operation of the shops are numerous, the price is almost the same time, consumers choose to buy the natural choice. Therefore, if you can not provide some of the characteristics of the service, want to let the shop business is undoubtedly faced with more difficulties. There is a town called hot springs in the eastern Shandong Qingdao Jimo City, a unique ocean hot spring resources, beautiful natural environment and historical and cultural heritage, has become a famous tourist attractions.

in the spa town, there is a lot of tourists love to patronize the retail shop called Abba convenience store, the owner of Wu Shaoyao smoke are particularly good. When an exchange with Wu Shaoyao, talking about how to sell cigarettes, Wu Shaoyao said: "the store more tourists, tourism is nothing more than a little estate smoke and local specialties back to friends and family." Wu Shaoyao’s words make me more puzzled, the town has a lot of stores, each selling cigarettes, and some store decoration is also very tall, why do you sell here better than others?

Wu Shaoyao smiled and said, "you asked for the idea." Then, he slipped from the counter took out a "Taishan" (Confucianism) cigarette, "" Taishan "smoke of many types, each of which tourists may not buy some at the time to buy, if each buy a box to go back down into a friend, but not too good, so every time have to be very difficult. Sometimes tourists don’t buy cigarettes because they are too much trouble.

found this, every time I sold the "big box of Confucianism" and "Buddha" this hard outfit will stay, so no matter what tourists want a price, a few varieties of ‘Taishan’ smoke, I can give them out of collocation. Tourists not only face full of gifts, money is better than each ‘Taishan’ specifications are the whole little flowers. As a result, the nature of the customer is how many friends to buy a few copies, but also willing to buy my store. In fact, we are still equivalent to a sell out."

I look puzzled, Wu Shaoyao explained: "you want to ask where so much is the case? This is thanks to the tobacco companies to provide us with a gift box, which has a gift box above the scenic tourist attractions in Qingdao, visitors to more memorable. With this gift, I have more confidence to sell cigarettes."

do you think you understand what the owner says? If you come to buy tobacco products, will you choose this shop? Listening to Wu Shaoyao’s introduction, I see light suddenly, travel to relatives and friends to buy local tobacco when we don’t also encountered the same embarrassment? My thumbs up said: "Wu boss, the original you are providing customized personalized service ah, it seems I take to the Scriptures!"