with the improvement of the quality of life, the cabinet has become the most solid quality of life protection, it can be said that today’s most people’s industry, the market is hot, unlimited profit margins. But for investors, the location of the cabinet store is a problem related to your sales performance. The following small series to answer for everyone.

cabinets stores in front of the shop has already set the development orientation, so the size, scale and grade sites also have to be aware of your location, in this case, more targeted, to be close to locate their shops.

cabinets stores to choose the shop to master what method? In business, competition is sometimes more places where the opportunity, which is why where the brand street is very popular, is the main peer aggregation effects on the target consumers had a strong attraction, they will find here to buy make light of travelling a thousand li. The cabinet stores, concentration effect should be considered in the process of our site, in addition to their own neighborhood stores also have a lot of, near the community near the building near the shop, Home Furnishing mall and so on, can choose to shop a lot, mainly to see whether their brand positioning can match, and funding. The preparation is sufficient.