chicken flavor is we a lot of people can not refuse the temptation, if entrepreneurs want, such small business prospects, Korean fried chicken is very popular in the market now, many buddies are very love to eat, all the market opened a lot of Korean fried chicken shop to open a South Korean fried chicken shop, are you interested in? If you have the idea of investing in this area, it is easy to follow the small series together to look at the Korean fried chicken shop need to handle what procedures!

South Korean fried chicken shop to join what procedures need to do? Is the cost of opening a shop high? Although the fried chicken business is very exciting to join, but cumbersome formalities and the cost of joining, let many people flinch, in fact, the South Korean fried chicken shop to join formalities is not particularly complex, and the cost of joining, as long as you don’t choose Kendl Ki Macdonald this kind of brands, it is affordable.

in the past ten years, with the rapid development of Western fast food, fried chicken, hamburgers, French fries by the vast number of consumers worldwide, young children and young men and women have a special liking for this. Fried chicken has been the fashion of modern leisure food, at present in small and medium-sized city to join the Chinese fried chicken is still blank, consumers are eager to eat good quality, delicious and affordable fried chicken, there is a huge market demand in small and medium-sized city.

South Korean fried chicken shop to join what procedures need to do? To open fried chicken stores must first apply to the local trade and Industry Bureau to apply for a business license, and then to the Inland Revenue Department for registration. For all kinds of food stores, but also to the health sector for health permits. Any shops have to pay taxes, such as your shop belongs to the individual industrial and commercial households, but also to pay taxes, but the tax is fixed. Specific details of the payment you can go to the local tax bureau service window consultation, you can get the most direct reply.

is the main cost you shop rent, utilities, decoration, labor costs and equipment costs are mainly you chicken; chicken, seasoning oil, the purchase price; monthly profit = your monthly price, monthly amortization expense of fried chicken, the monthly cost on Korean fried chicken franchise to invest much money? Do a KFC, McDonald’s chain store investment need millions of dollars, but the price is high, for small and medium-sized investors and consumers are numerous, can only be a disappointment.

and small brands to join the fried chicken does not need too high cost of investment, only a few square or a dozen square meters of shops can open a fried chicken franchise store, the business such as no store can also take the form of carts. Can be in commercial street, shopping malls, supermarkets and other bustling areas, you can also open around the school, the station pier, residential communities.

in fact, no matter what business are the need to have a lot of procedures in the operation when the opening of a South Korean fried chicken shop to go through what hand recommended