is a string of Sichuan dotey Chuanchuan Xiang a representative brand of incense, enriched the many advantages of Sichuan Chuanchuan Xiang, received the majority of customers welcome. Now, for the majority of love dotey Chuanchuan Xiang catering business users who provide assistance to join Chuanchuan xiang.

"dotey Chuanchuan Xiang" originated from the Malatang birthplace of Sichuan Chengdu, Chengdu feeling hot feelings its flavor, persistent and assertive personality, bold spicy, enchanted hemp, delicious, The imprint is engraved on my heart. untold pot flavor, no end Shu people feelings, "Wu head string after more than and 20 years of incense" ancestors of concentrated business inquiry, adhering to the classical and modern food culture, improved the traditional Hot pot hundred years don’t master the heart, into the modern concept of fashion, to create a food culture precedent, create a modern consumer tastes and new aesthetic standard.

ten years, departments at all levels of care and help, after all the staff of unremitting efforts, with the development of professional technology and cutting-edge ideas, not only did not fall dotey Chuanchuan Xiang in the fierce market, but homeopathy, in the national market rapid rise, the market share on the upgrade, walk in the the forefront of the industry.

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