many investors recall relative to China’s economic market, what kind of industry investment risk is relatively small, relatively fast turnover of funds. Relatively speaking, how to have the food and beverage industry. The food and beverage industry as a new type of traditional consumer industries a high growth potential, the market prospect is very broad, coupled with the catering industry cash flow recovery fast, and has a business entity, some food companies there are a lot of real estate, investment risk is much smaller. Because of its large-scale, hot pot enterprises. Higher degree of standardization is particularly favored by investors. I believe that with the development of the food and beverage industry, as a part of the heritage of Chinese cuisine cuisine hot pot must have a broad space for development.

gold deposit

generally, hot pot shop to join the gold and margin are associated with the brand, different brands, to join the gold and margin are different. For example, the well-known brand Hot pot little sheep, the initial franchise fee is 300 thousand yuan, the follow-up initial fee of 5% of turnover; other brand franchise fees are different, the big brands in between 20-30 million, small brands can join a few million. In addition, the different city level, the franchise fee is not the same, the first tier cities will be two or three yuan higher than the cost of joining the city of about 50 thousand yuan, while the county’s entry fee is lower than the city of two or three lines. Margin is generally 50 thousand yuan, some brands will be different, some small brands may be as long as thousands of pieces.

store location

now requires catering to the area, especially as Hot pot shops, consumers generally do not come alone to eat a Hot pot, but a group of people, this is a real. Therefore, the location of the store is very important, an area of about 1000 square meters of the best, and then address well, there is no need to have a business district, but must be selected in the flow of more people, and other food and beverage stores are very close.

store rent

store rent according to different cities and different commercial locations, the rent per square meter is also different, ranging from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. So different store area, the rent is naturally different. We first tier cities to calculate the value of one thousand square meters per square meter rent, the monthly rent of $300 per square meter store of $300 thousand, annual rent of $3 million 600 thousand; 500 square meter store monthly rent of $500 thousand, annual rent of $6 million.

storefront renovation

storefront decoration also accounted for a large part of the investment, but also with the size of the city as well as the size of the franchise area. We first tier cities 300 square meters of shopping centers, hot pot shop decoration is more upscale, with a total of $2000 per square meter, store decoration requires $600 thousand.