13th Five-Year, around the country to carry out a number of new entrepreneurial employment strategy. Hefei continues to follow the strategic guidance of science and education in Xingcheng, accelerate the construction of a comprehensive national science center, enhance the enthusiasm of entrepreneurial personnel, the implementation of more advanced industrial development..

Zhang Qingjun introduced, in order to construct the complete system of innovation and development, Hefei will accelerate the construction of a comprehensive national science center, vigorously build a superconducting nuclear fusion center, Chinese quantum center, open space integration network and a number of national major engineering platform; accelerate the construction of national industrial innovation center, build strong United Microelectronics Center, medical center ion new energy, distributed intelligent integrated innovation platform and a number of national industrial innovation center; accelerate the construction of new collaborative innovation platform, mainly, to promote the first Research Institute of more than 10 new collaborative innovation platform.

"to do" partner Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship youth. "". Zhang Qingjun said, the relevant departments at all levels should attach great importance to and vigorously support youth innovation and entrepreneurship, create a good environment, provide convenient conditions, especially to help them solve specific projects, capital, technology, etc. problem, do the background server "Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship".

collected more than 200 projects have begun to take many industry prospects

"for the entrepreneurial mentors and investors with high levels of full participation in the contest, the power of capital throughout." Relevant person in charge, the cumulative collection of more than 200 venture projects, including foreign projects, mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

After the tour, both inside and outside the province of