whether it is on the phone, or on the computer, in short, headphones have been very high popularity, loved by many people. For this reason, the current headphone market is vast, more brands. Next, the small series to introduce the ten major brands of headphones list, mainly from the appearance and sound quality of the headset, so that consumers can choose to be satisfied with a good brand.

headset ten brands list, apple NO.1 AirPods $1288: the user can interact directly through the headset with Siri, the top has a touch area, can realize the function of Siri phone, wake up. Headphones at the bottom of the microphone, support for noise reduction. The distance sensor is used to monitor whether the user is wearing the headset on the ear, and automatically start working after confirmation. The AirPods in the expected release date is early October.

headset ten brands list, apple NO.2 EarPods $119:Apple EarPods iphone5 is a new generation of Apple headset collocation. Apple EarPods speaker design can greatly reduce the sound loss, increase sound output. So as to bring you high-quality audio, and high-end headphones as good. With a remote control function and the Apple EarPods is also equipped with a built-in microphone wire, you only need one click, you can adjust the volume control, music and video playback, and answer or hang up the phone. With a bass heavier, more abundant effect, as well as stronger anti sweat waterproof performance.

ten NO.3 headset brand rankings, I listen to GM-594 $99: the overall color is red and black collocation classic headset, ear muffs with leather material, internal soft sponge, after wearing can almost completely cover the ears, sound insulation effect is good. Earmuffs can also be rotated slightly, so that the headset is more fitting ear from wearing experience more comfortable. The headset is very personalized interface, the main line of nylon stretch cord material. Sound reduction is true, there is a noise reduction function.

ten headset brand rankings, Sennheiser NO.4 IE80 $2699: in addition to high fidelity stereo sound effect, it has excellent noise attenuation function. The inhibitory effect of environmental noise, up to 26dB. And the IE80 uses a brushed metal casing and a replaceable headphone cable to achieve maximum durability and flexibility. IE80 also uses a unique technology that allows users to fine tune the low frequency response.

ten NO.5 headset brand rankings, I listen to GM-329 $148: the snake snake gray / black as the main color, but in the details and the ear part of the green / White / black three colors of different collocation. The fuselage plus wire weighs only 150 grams, collocation of high strength.