2010, to further promote the city’s medical and health system reform work in the municipal government, new rural construction leading group of the correct leadership and relevant departments of the strong support and cooperation, I combine the national and provincial health reform implementation opinions and focus on recent work arrangements (2009-2011) and a new socialist countryside the construction requirements, with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, and actively implement the new policy and the 2010 dibiao Huimin policy, by all levels of the new rural cooperative management departments and part-time management personnel work, the city farmer participation enthusiasm is more high, the successful completion of the work of the new rural cooperative medical financing in 2010. Up to now, the city’s participation of farmers up to 958037 people, compared with 2009, the number of new farmers involved in the number of 23322 people, the actual participation of farmers increased by more than last year, 2.5%. One of the city into the rescue object (the Civil Affairs Department identified five households, households, focus groups, streamline the 60s resigned personnel) 52555 farmers, all funded by the Department of civil affairs in the new rural cooperative medical system. The active participation of farmers, effectively expanding the benefits of farmers, improve the basic medical security ability of the new rural cooperative medical system.
at present, in the annual 147 million 825 thousand and 100 yuan of the total financing should be put in place in 2010, has a total of 70 million 377 thousand and 800 yuan fund. Individual farmers who participate in the alloy, county, municipal financial subsidy funds have been fully in place, the central financial subsidy funds have been pre allocated 32 million 956 thousand yuan, and the rest of the funds are being audited for funding.