January 23rd morning, the reporter saw in the booking hall 100 public store train ticket daishoudian passenger tickets, sparse, only 12 windows 3 windows open, less than 20 tickets, the former crowded hall is now a deserted house.


outlets responsible person Geng director told reporters that, in the past, our staff is busy not even have to eat a meal, to work at all on the go, 12 windows are open is still unable to meet the needs of passengers. This year, the situation is much better, even if the pressure is not a peak ticket window, on the one hand is the peak before the Spring Festival has been on the other hand, thanks to the Internet and telephone booking. In addition, this year our company has also taken a number of measures, relatively abundant source of votes.

reporter interviewed a random just buy passenger ticket, he is a member of Sichuan’s migrant workers, surnamed liu. Master Liu told reporters that he has been busy on the site, originally did not intend to return to Sichuan, but the villagers are back, they also decided to go back. Before we worry about the ticket, did not expect to buy, is the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight, twenty-nine evening the twelfth lunar month to home. Master Liu said that a few of the villagers together to buy a ticket, there is a child with the villagers also bought a sleeper ticket, the overall feeling better this year to buy a train ticket.

then, the reporter of the Xining West Railway Station, provincial military Hostel, cross post office and many other train ticket outlets, and 100 large public stores train tickets on sale at the same.

it is understood that the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in Xining, Lhasa, Golmud, Delingha and other regions set up 16 train ticket outlets, including the Xining area set up 12, each city in the city. The 16 train ticket agency can handle tube ticket business and student ticket business, Xining West, Golmud Railway Station 24 hours non-stop ticket, the tube station and all the tickets on sale at the ticket window are all open, with 10 units sold in Xining, Golmud, automatic Lhasa station (take) ticket machine, convenient passenger self-service to purchase tickets, reduce queuing time. (author: Hu Youjun)