is an important way to carry out the mass line, the heart is an important way to do mass work. To carry out extensive activities to talk heart to heart, to promote and deepen the revealing problems, criticism, promote the effectiveness of educational practice activities.

talk heart to heart, we have only one objective, is to find the real problem, in the face to face communication in real opinion. Therefore, whether it is "said" or "listen" to adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, seek practical results, that is to say, within his own insight and vision, pseudo problems specious, not talk without a plan for "semi-finished products". The two sides should be prepared or do their homework, effectively "I feel" into a more clear "I think"; "may be" into a relatively accurate "key", in order to improve the effectiveness of "talk".

talk heart to heart, our desire is only one, is to untie the knots, enhance unity in the heart and the heart collision, straight from the heart, improve together. Therefore, the spirit of equality, sincerity, humility, tolerance and the spirit of the party’s responsibility for the cause of the people is particularly important. In the heart of your heart, the heart inevitably sparks, which shows that "talk" won the important progress, we should applaud such a spark. As the old saying goes, three people will have my teacher; the Communists said that the masses are the real heroes. This tells us "on your teacher the truth. Many students often talk will be harmonious, heart always sparks, so that thousands of cadres can exchange the infinite "heart force" in the "three zone" construction, synchronous well-off, leapfrog development and long period of stability.

Problems of

investigation, develop new work; conscientiously that cohesion morale, pull reason, is we want to "talk about" the new world. (author: Hao Wei)