August 24, 2012, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Health Bureau of Weihai city Fan Kaimin, deputy director of the Weihai Municipal Office Yang Wenjun, deputy researcher of Weihai City People Club Bureau staff officer Chang Ming Weihai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Weihai Municipal Finance Bureau Chief Wang Bo, deputy chief of the en, director of the Rushan Municipal Health Bureau Zhao Peisen, Rushan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau deputy director Liu Xu, Weihai city bureau chief Zhang Hongping Wang Yuehai, director of the Weihai Municipal Health Bureau, Weihai Municipal Health Bureau Chief Tang Cheng line to study health care reform work in Datong county. The delegation in health and food and drug supervision and administration bureau responsible comrades accompanied the field view of the county people’s hospital surgical building, listened to the county people’s Hospital Reform of public hospitals, and the exchange seat on the implementation of zero profit drug, cooperative medical reimbursement etc..