10 2, the value of one million yuan of Kunlun jade was armed robbery criminals, after the incident, the city of Xining police cracked, in October 4th, the main suspects were arrested, all Kunlun jade was recovered.

October 2nd 14 PM, city police received a report, more than 10 gunmen broke into the road of mutual xuezhou Sanrong group in the warehouse, 4 staff on duty bound hand and foot, and tape Fengzui, the value of 1 million yuan of Kunlun jade robbery. East of the police in the City Public Security Bureau with strong, rapid investigation, after more than and 10 hours of continuous work of the police, at 0:00 on October 4th Xu, the suspect Yang was arrested by the police. According to Yang confessed, the police have arrested Ma, metallurgical and other 4 people.

originally, one of the suspects in Golmud when a person with a chat, inadvertently talking about their relatives in Xining, a large number of Kunlun jade deposit. Those who said no, the listener interested, the suspect after hearing, ye draw together with a group of the Kunlun jade out earn a sum of money. Two people back to Xining, Ma and found in the prison of yang. 3 times to store the jade warehouse Capitol, ready to steal, but the Treasury was kept very tight, 3 people can not start. Yang found the suspect Zhang, plotting to rob, a few people to tape, knives, guns and other tools of crime, and with more than 10 social idlers, in October 2nd 14 PM, in the factory warehouse, bound duty personnel, fled away the value of about 1000000 yuan, weighing about 1 tons of Kunlun jade.

at present, led by Ma 5 major suspects have been under criminal detention, the police are fully involved in the hunt for the rest of the staff.