7 4, from the office of the Xining Municipal People’s government sources, 298 villages in 20 townships and towns Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County (community) the earthquake disaster reporting staff, received seismic training, which is the city of Xining village earthquake quick report training held for the first time.

earthquake quick report is an important part of Xining city earthquake monitoring and prevention network, after the earthquake quickly understand the earthquake and disaster and social impact the main way of information, provide the basis for government decision-making and emergency disaster relief command, to achieve rapid and efficient rescue, to minimize the losses caused by the earthquake damage information service. The monitoring and prevention of earthquake disaster information network report in reporting at the most basic level, is the basis of seismic network. In case of earthquake, disaster occurs, quick reporters with people familiar cultivated land, not only can feel personally, but also more in-depth investigation to understand the local conditions and report to their superiors, play a key role in reporting and emergency disaster relief.