To accelerate the development of a number of knowledge, technology and management of new occupation farmer, promote Datong modern agricultural specialization, standardization and scale management, effectively promote the increase of farmers’ income, recently, the county issued a "new occupation farmer in Datong County and the determination of the" Provisional Measures for management, the county will have new farmers "identity".

the measures will make the new occupation farmer according to type of production and management, professional skills and social services in three categories. Production management is the main professional planting large, family farmers and herdsmen cooperatives and other leaders; professional skill is mainly agricultural and animal husbandry, agriculture and animal husbandry workers employees; social service is mainly rural information workers, rural brokers, agricultural services, unified prevention and control of plant protection, agriculture and animal husbandry Village Animal Epidemic Prevention etc. the industry of service personnel. According to production scale, production efficiency, sales amount of livestock amount, commodity rate, equipment standards, the new occupation farmer in the county is divided into early, middle and high level, according to the corresponding conditions were identified. Eligibility to take government guidance, farmers voluntary, strict standards, adhere to the principles of openness, equality and merit and merit. Was identified as a new professional farmers, priority to enjoy the relevant government support policies to accept the government’s tracking management services.