"NPC and CPPCC" closed "government work report" proposed to improve people’s livelihood and upgrade "education, health care, employment and prices" people’s livelihood "key", has always been a hot topic.

review of the past year, the province will be 75.6% of the financial expenditure for the livelihood of the people, the commitment of the livelihood of the people of all the facts have been fully fulfilled, some people’s livelihood indicators remain ahead of the ten. Employment, urban and rural housing projects, social security, education, health care, cultural Huimin, technological innovation and other aspects of BBK". From the "government work report" between the lines, we can deeply feel that over the past year, the province will continue to adhere to the "small property issued by the people’s livelihood, livelihood construction has achieved good results.

in 2013 handed over the livelihood of the people answer so warm, in 2014, the people’s livelihood picture how to draw it?


"NPC and CPPCC" on improving the people’s livelihood "upgrade" for us to paint a more beautiful picture, this year our province will continue to focus on about 75% of the financial resources, accelerate the development of social undertakings, promote the equalization of basic public services, promote social fairness and justice, and strive to continue to maintain the leading part of the people’s livelihood index. To run ten things: to broaden employment channels, promote urban and rural residents continued to increase, to control price stability, accelerating the coordinated development of education, efforts to enhance the level of public health services, in-depth implementation of cultural Huimin engineering, improve the housing conditions of urban and rural residents, improve the fair and sustainable social security system, speed up the pension service system, improve the environment urban and rural production and living.

livelihood improvement upgrade is a more equitable social environment, a more stable livelihood security, more pragmatic attitude to life. To improve the people’s livelihood "upgrade", "is the inevitable choice to further make still further progress, but also let happiness", the only way which must be passed to "upgrade". Improve people’s livelihood is the starting point is not the end. Let us always put the livelihood of the people in mind, in their hands, to implement in the "upgrade" road step by step, to the people’s livelihood "cake" bigger and stronger "cake" fair justice, let the people’s livelihood bonus better benefit the people.