industrial and commercial departments to actively carry out consumer education and consumer guide activities in the rural city of Xining City District, community, and further strengthen the protection of network construction, promote the integrity of services, which boosted consumer confidence.


branch of the city to a two station "as the basis, to the community as the main front, into the community, rural areas, shopping malls, schools, to carry out consumer education and consumer guide activities, advocating science, reasonable, healthy and civilized consumption by residents. Industrial and commercial departments through the organization of consumer education seminars, organized training courses, the issuance of relevant laws and regulations books and other forms, timely delivery of consumer information, guide and promote consumer spending more rational, scientific.

In addition, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry in the city of consumer complaints mediation mediation by the passive way to deal with the initiative to prevent the main mode of change, is about to turn back to the previous mediation into the prevention of the former in the form of mediation in the form of consumer complaints in the form of mediation in the form of

. According to the focus and hot issues of consumer complaints, and closely related to the lives of the people of the commodity, the media issued a consumer warning, played a good role in guiding consumption.