Think to go to Hongkong "shopping" far away, long time? December 4th, from the Qinghai Provincial People’s government held a news conference to upload good news, starting in December 1st, Xining, the official opening of the Hongkong route, after the flight to Hongkong! This is the Xining airport opened Fourth International (regional) routes.

6 hours to Hongkong

Xining – Hongkong regular flights, 3 classes per week, respectively, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, flight number is MU223/4. Specific time for 7:30 Xining to take off, 8:55 arrived in Xi’an, 10:55 Xi’an take off, 13:35 arrived in Hongkong. 14:35 Hongkong took off, 16:35 arrived in Xi’an, 17:45 Xi’an took off, 19:30 arrived in Xining. That is to say, only 6 hours, you can go to Hongkong shopping". The Hongkong compatriots also only 6 hours, you can eat Qinghai cuisine, enjoy the unique and stunning beauty of Qinghai. As a positive response to the call of the provincial government, the early sailing routes between the team saw the price 1350 yuan (net).

plans to open next year to Xining, Japan, Malaysia and other international routes

According to the Qinghai

Airport Inc responsible person, in recent years, in order to adapt to the local social and economic development, to meet the needs of mass air travel, and actively explore the international aviation market in our province (area), the international business has changed from small to large. Xining T1 International Airport Terminal since June 2014 and put into operation after the transformation, service capabilities continue to improve, when the International (regional) passenger throughput reached 2148 passengers, this year the International (regional) passenger throughput is expected to exceed 30 thousand people, the market increasingly strong demand.

2016, Qinghai Airport Inc will combine our province "The Belt and Road" construction and opening up demand, plans to open Japan, Malaysia and other international routes. Is expected to "13th Five-Year" at the end, our province (region) international passenger throughput will exceed 100 thousand people, International (regional) city of more than 12, will greatly promote our province foreign trade, tourism, cultural exchanges and cooperation, enhance the level of opening up in Qinghai.

Qinghai has 4 International (regional) route

in our province in accordance with the construction of a national aviation port, formed the Xining customs, Qinghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Qinghai Province Public Security Frontier Corps, the Provincial Public Security Bureau of exit and entry administration and the provincial government port office and other airport service agencies, built Xining air port inspection office building, the transformation of the Xining T1 International Airport terminal and related ancillary facilities, with the opening of the port function, the basic conditions of service of international routes. At present, has opened Xining – Bangkok, Xining – Seoul, Xining – Taipei and other 3 International (regional) routes. Xining – Xi’an – Hongkong regular route is fourth.