Yesterday was the third day of the eleven golden week, although the xixilili under the rain, but in many tourist attractions in a continuous line shows in our province, tourism market outlook remains strong.

run tourism in the tour bus driver Wang, began to get busy from eleven days ago, every day from various Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, Kanbula, Qilian scenic spot, although it is not seen for several days in the family, but earn Master Wang beautiful do not feel tired, contrary to happiness within. According to master Wang said that every day traveling on the road in the tourist bus, driving densely packed, like a large car park, I did not expect the weather gradually cool but still so much to Qinghai tourism.

according to the provincial Holiday Office statistics, during the golden week, the province’s major tourism hot spots, the first day of golden week, including Jiro sword, bird island, island, Qinghai Lake scenic tourists 1700 passengers, in second days, third days of tourists surge, reached more than more than 7 thousand people, ticket revenue from 230 thousand yuan in the first day to about 800000 yuan. The eleven day, Kumbum Monastery, Guide, Xunhua green homes and other major attractions tourists in thousands of people, in Beishan, atomic city attractions such as no corpuscles. In the first few days of the golden week, Xining star hotel occupancy rate reached about 40%, Haidong District, Haixi state, Hainan star hotel occupancy rate of over 40%. The province’s scenic tourist market order is good, all levels of holiday tourism and its member units to coordinate the 24 hours on duty, to the province’s tourism safety incidents did not occur.