and a major news! In November 26th, the National Commission on grading the quality tourism scenic spots at the national 5A level scenic spots awarding ceremony in Beijing, the province of Kumbum Monastery scenic tourist attractions ace on the list. This is the Qinghai Lake scenic area, the province’s second national 5A level scenic spots, at the same time, the Kumbum Monastery scenic area has become the only one of Tibetan Buddhism 5A scenic spot, Qinghai has become the number two has the highest level of tourist attractions provinces.

  material presentation, site assessment, visitor satisfaction survey, expert group unannounced visits…… Through a test, through a time of acceptance, this is the "5A" of the National Tourism Administration "tourist area quality grade classification and evaluation standard" in the highest level of strict standards of assessment procedures, and finally the Kumbum Monastery from many competitors in the talent shows itself is another major, the victory of our province through the years a victory.

it is understood that this year’s national 5A level scenic spots declare a total of 10, only 4 of Kumbum Monastery through the review and acceptance, so that Qinghai and Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou is one of the few in the country to have 2 5A scenic provinces. National Tourism Bureau in the acceptance evaluation, that the Kumbum Monastery scenic area as the first batch of key cultural relics protection units and the first national 4A level scenic spots, has high historical and cultural value, tourism products rich and distinctive features, reception facilities perfect, scenic brand influence, national 5A grade tourism area standards.

of course, behind the victory is hard to pay. Beginning in October last year, Huangzhong county Party committee and government began the arduous road to create 5A. The establishment of Kumbum Monastery to create the leading group of national 5A level scenic spots, and held a mobilization meeting, in accordance with the "Kumbum Monastery scenic area to create a national 5A level scenic spots plan", to create each specific task decomposition to each responsibility unit, and a monthly meeting system, regularly listen to the progress of all members of the unit to create activities to create. Arrangements to create a task, to urge the rectification problems, to ensure the orderly conduct of work created by the time node.

to add thick cultural elements of Kumbum Monastery, the Kumbum Monastery and the local county, relying on the profound traditional culture and unique regional culture, vigorously develop the cultural industry, to create the eight petal lotus culture brand. In order to thoroughly improve the tourism infrastructure, this year, the county invested about 85000000 yuan to complete the road to Kumbum Monastery scenic area transformation, sewage pipe network transformation, tourist service center, scenic landscape, Lotus Lake viewing platform and tourism infrastructure projects. Completed 180 million yuan investment in the Kumbum Monastery Buddha mansion renovation, the change of butter;