12 4 is the "National Constitution Day", is also the sixteenth "national legal advocacy day"".

2014 in November 1st, the twelve session of the eleventh meeting of the NPC Standing Committee adopted a decision to establish a clear December 4th "national constitution", will this day as the annual national legal advocacy, through various forms to carry out the publicity and education activities, to further improve the legal quality and management level of the whole society the rule of law.

the same day, all over the province and relevant units to actively carry out various forms of publicity and education activities, the popularity of constitutional knowledge, promote constitutional education, promote the spirit of the constitution.

in Xinning square, West District, Xining City, organized by the publicity campaign is being carried out. The event not only has hundreds of cadres in the region of more than 40 units and staff to answer to the public, provide information consulting services, also held a theatrical performance, the rule of law education and mass cultural activities closely together, interlarded with legal knowledge quiz, gifts and promotional items. At the same time also set up legal aid, legal advice, lawyers and other consulting services to solve the problem, to help the masses to solve the problem on the scene, and guide the masses to express their demands in accordance with the law.

"knowledge can only be combined with practice to play a more effective role. Through the promotion of legal system, the masses have a deeper understanding of the spirit of the constitution, we also have a further understanding of the legal knowledge." Qinghai National University Law School 2014 students Zhang Yuan said.

4 early in the morning, the new City Plaza Qilian County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, County Bureau of justice for the first time out of the car is for everyone to play a propaganda law propaganda, this new way of publicity for the masses love and praise.

, the promotional activities of a total of 83 panels display, promotional calendar issued more than 3600 copies, more than 8000 copies of various types of legal information, hanging banners, answer more than 200 people legal advice. At the same time, during the event, we held the county ‘Paperless’ exam, organized 39 units participated in the county’s online constitutional knowledge of the unified examination, and further improve the legal awareness of cadres and workers." Qilian County Judicial Bureau staff said.

in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous County Republican Qia Bu Qia Zhen Qinghai Lake square has also set up publicity banners and propaganda platform, many people have lined up to receive brochures, there are dedicated to the legal issues related to consultation. Today’s activities are really rich, to understand a lot of legal knowledge, is really affordable!" A gang of people just came out from the publicity booth while reading brochures, told reporters.

32 year old Ma Deshun intends to buy a car at the end of the year, came here today to consult about the need to prepare for motor vehicle registration. Hear the horse Deshun with vehicle traffic advice, the staff will find the State Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police, with Ma Deshun doubts: "as long as you get your ID card, proof of origin of motor vehicle, the vehicle factory certificate of tax payment certificate, vehicle purchase tax to our traffic management bureau;