The Qinghai Lake, a wide expanse of mist-covered waters million mu of rape flowers, grand and magnificent beauty of Qinghai attracts a lot of tourists to travel here. In order to allow more tourists to leave a good impression on Qinghai, in July 11th, hosted by the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the United States and the United States, ·, Qinghai, keep the mood tourism photography exhibition opened in Xining. The beauty of Qinghai’s paintings of great beauty color was fixed in the confusion between the public and tourists, attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

foreign tourists in the eyes of the great beauty of Qinghai in the end what? The majority of tourists and photographers with the lens gives the answer. Tourists or using a cell phone, or with a camera to reproduce the beauty. "The initial understanding of Qinghai is obtained from the primary school textbooks, as I grew up, saw a lot of beautiful Qinghai described the use of summer vacation to Qinghai, to see such a beautiful picture, really honored!" Wang Li, a sophomore from Wuhan, said.

according to the introduction, "beauty of Qinghai · keep the mood" tourism photography exhibition after nearly 3 months of the contest, organizers selected 580 photographic images from the 2000 works, four parts for the tourists and the public display of "beauty of Qinghai" Qinghai scenery, natural ecology, folk customs and scenic spots tourists and etc.. The sky of Qilian, Qinghai Lake, Sanjiang, the source of the mysterious, broad grassland, unique Danxia landform, simple folk customs, ancient culture…… All of Qinghai’s famous scenery, here can glance. This exhibition is the Provincial Tourism Bureau Tourism photography exhibition held in sixth, to further promote the integration of tourism and culture, at the same time, the majority of tourists and photographers from the perspective of great beauty of Qinghai, and be able to organize and launch more tourists and photographers found the beauty of Qinghai, beautiful Qinghai.