In order to ensure it encountered unexpected illness tolls, survival plight of urban and rural residents spend the Spring Festival, Xining city to increase the temporary relief efforts, to ensure that the special difficulties of family warmth. According to the city, district (county) Civil Affairs Department of the preliminary investigation, the rescue of the city’s more than 5 thousand families to help the needy, is expected to be issued more than 2500 yuan of relief funds.

the temporary assistance funds will be released in place before the end of January this year, the precise relief, accurate helping, Xining city is the guarantee and improvement of people’s livelihood is a big move, has important significance for maintaining social stability and building a harmonious Xining. The County Civil Affairs Bureau in accordance with the individual application, the township (street), the District Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for approval procedures for handling, emergency start emergency rescue procedures, simplifying approval procedures, first payment, after the formalities.