In order to optimize the housing accumulation fund loan business, to a greater extent, so that the full enjoyment of housing provident fund workers preferential policies, Xining housing fund management center on the loan policy that is adjusted. Now, where in the Xining housing provident fund management centres and sub centres, management department to apply for housing provident fund loans to workers, housing provident fund balance of storage full extraction of individuals and their spouses in Xining housing provident fund management in the deposit, without retained for one year.


1 on the building of rural extraction business process was simplified, self built housing since the date of acceptance, 5 working days to complete the scene view and business management.2 of the

3 the same agency transfer business process was simplified, staff work to mobilize the need for housing provident fund transfer service, if the unit and the receiving unit in the same bank branch manager in payment of housing provident fund, the employee can bring relevant documents directly to the housing provident fund deposit bank outlets for housing provident fund transfer service a bank branch manager, after the audit can be completed on the spot.

4 coordination of the entrusted bank opened housing provident fund centralized payment services, and effectively shorten the extraction time limit for business.Improve loan approval mode of

6 to cancel the housing provident fund loans notary link.

7 coordination of the people’s Bank credit system queries the opening line.

9 of the loan loan business instant approval, then an instance of a pen, a pen put a pen.All business center handled within