Recently, Xining city each big, middle and primary school and kindergarten teachers and students after school, in order to ensure the safety of person and property, Xining police issued four measures to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the Department of education, conscientiously do a good job during school security work, to safeguard the campus and the surrounding public order.It is reported that

, the beginning period, the Xining city police station patrol officers will focus on strengthening the registration period, campus patrols around the prevention efforts of students, to prevent injury, robbery, extortion and other cases the student registration fee; supervisor detachment will continue to increase supervision and inspection efforts around the campus cafe; the traffic police detachment will enhance traffic control, maintenance the good campus surrounding traffic order, ensure the safety of students traveling; fire brigade will organize someone to carry out fire safety checks on the early school campus in Xining City, to ensure fire safety. (author: Song Renjie)