* total investment of 1 billion 90 million yuan has completed the project

day before reporters in the reconstruction of Zaduo earthquake reconstruction work conference was informed that, as of now, the 60 aid projects, plans to invest 93.4%. Mayor Wang Yubo, in accordance with the "completion on schedule" the basic "bottom line", fine plan, advance preparation, actively carry out the preparatory work before the start of next year by the project.

it is understood that the reconstruction of field command and heteropoly county government sincere cooperation, hard work, overcome difficulties, and promote the reconstruction work. 60 reconstruction projects completed a total investment of 1 billion 90 million yuan, has completed the project of 52, urban and rural housing, education and health projects completed, social services and public construction projects basically completed, the main task of the basic completion of assistance. Last year, the municipal government to squeeze 20 million yuan from the city’s financial funds for the reconstruction of multi disaster. Each of the members of the reconstruction unit unconditional out of the people, out of things, out of technology, go all out to do the work of reconstruction. Wang Yubo asked the spring this time, carefully combing research tasks, in accordance with the scientific reconstruction and harmonious reconstruction requirements, formed a set of scientific and effective, strict quality supervision and inspection system, to ensure the engineering problems, one by one check in place rectification in place, responsibility thoroughly tracing in place, engineering acceptance in place. (author: Fang Xu)