the morning of September 2nd, with a shovel of rammed earth fall into the pit, investment of about 1 billion 500 million yuan of the East District of rhyme ieguchi relocation District officially opened.

It is reported that

, for the proper placement of the Xining Railway Station renovation project of eight hub the relocation of the masses, the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government decided to study in the East District of Yun Jia Kou Zhen unity Bridge West allocated 256 acres of land, a total of two of the planning and construction of residential placement. The day is to start building a project of Xining Railway Station field transformation and related engineering rhyme ieguchi relocation area, located in the East District of rhyme ieguchi land on the west side, close to the West cross a road, East unity bridge, south of Lanxi highway and railway. Planning total land area of 105 thousand and 700 square meters, green rate of 35.4%, with a total construction area of 398 thousand and 200 square meters. Total area of 3763 sets of units, of which the studio to change the area for the 3000 sets, low-cost housing for the 200 set, the public rental housing for the 120 set, the proposed construction of multi-storey residential buildings, a layer of 6 layers of kindergarten, as well as the 15 to the 33 floor of the 18 storey high-rise residential buildings, and a total of 3. According to the staff of the Urban Construction Bureau East District, the area surrounding the health, education, community service, culture and sports, municipal public utilities, business services, financial services and other underground parking spaces are adequate, Goods are available in all varieties., built in a population of about 13 thousand, will become the Eastern one large resettlement area. (author: Zhou Jianping)