Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued 12 measures to ensure that the difficulties of people warm winter.


includes 12 measures: Xining City, more than three hundred and seventy thousand people allocated 2 million 100 thousand yuan worth of relief food for winter; provided more than 80 thousand rural households paid 45 million 200 thousand yuan low premium and low heating aid; put for city low income families, rural residents object and part five objects, has been distributed to all users the implementation of city medical relief measures; 381 city residents object released in October to November for medical assistance payments, 90 thousand rural poor people for reimbursement of medical expenses more than 9 million 130 thousand yuan; rural reconstruction funds allocated 5 million yuan, Beishan rock victims relocation funds 4 million 810 thousand yuan, the transformation of the 1430 rural households were relocated to 458 dilapidated buildings, victims of 150 thousand yuan; the implementation of temporary assistance funds, give temporary relief to the special difficulties of the masses; carry out the 2008 annual "sending warmth and love "The 170 thousand yuan donation, the municipal authorities donated before the Spring Festival to the rural masses; actively arrange condolences activities during the two, key condolences 3 severely affected villages, 30 rural households in five households, urban and rural residents and focus groups.