March 27th, north of the city of Xining City District Environmental Protection Bureau received a telephone report: a washing production wastewater discharged into the Sea Lake Avenue to agricultural irrigation. Subsequently, the inspectors rushed to the scene, ordered the washing line to suspend business for rectification.

washing line is located west of Beichuan Road, named for the hotel to Kawashima washing, washing sheets, a washing machine, drying machine, ironing machine. When the inspectors arrived on the scene, a vertical coal-fired boiler is running. The researchers found that the washing line will not only produce waste water directly discharged into the agricultural irrigation, there are coal-fired boiler soot pollution, and without any environmental protection procedures. In this regard, the inspectors ordered the washing line immediately closed, after the rectification of the drainage pipe network access to the city pipe network, in order to prevent the discharge of waste water, and the installation of dust removal facilities, the use of good coal, after acceptance of the normal business. In March 28th, supervisory personnel once again came to the washing line washing line Kawashima inspections, has required rectification. (author: Peng Na Wang Xuehua)