for the further implementation of the strategy of giving priority to employment and a more active employment policy, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau based on the industrial and commercial administrative functions, take various preferential measures to reduce the threshold of market access, vigorously promote entrepreneurship.

specific work, to promote the development of non-public economy, formulated the "opinions" to promote the implementation of the non-public sector of the economy to accelerate the development of the relaxed audit conditions, free private enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households registration fees, improve the system within limited, to provide quality services and other measures to further reduce business costs, encourage entrepreneurship to actively participate in employment; public employment and personnel services, organized 54 enterprises to participate in the labor department held in the central square of the spring large recruitment, participating companies provide employment positions 765, 151 people hiring intentions. At the same time, enterprises and colleges and universities to actively organize the supply and demand meet special recruitment. In the unified deployment of the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau under the mobilization of 210 companies, with business management, suitable for university graduates in accounting, secretarial, technicians and nearly 40 jobs 2461 jobs, 7400 graduates are invited to Qinghai Nationalities University, Qinghai Normal University, Career Academy and other 11 universities of Qinghai traffic colleges and occupation school, held the college graduates and private enterprises to meet the supply and demand of special recruitment. The scene was intended to employ 1380 people, the formal employment of 181 people, the implementation of broker training, strengthen the supervision of intermediary organizations. In conjunction with the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly carry out labor brokers organization training, guidance and supervision of accreditation service examination for training qualified brokers free "occupation qualification certificate", to further strengthen the labor brokers management services, efforts to promote labor brokers to boost employment. (author: Wang Yan)