Sanlu milk powder incident to the local dairy companies have an impact? With this question, in September 14th, the reporter interviewed a number of dairy enterprises in Xining. The main products interviewed by several companies are liquid milk, product sales have not been affected.

Qinghai Lake Dairy Co., Ltd. technical quality control department official told reporters that they are from the source to grasp the quality of products, milk is from a large dairy farms in Lanzhou. Quality and technical supervision departments have been on a regular or irregular sampling, if you feel that the quality of the product is not assured that they will take the initiative to submit. September 13th, the quality supervision departments just sampling their products, and now is waiting for the test results. Tianlu dairy responsible person also said that sales were not affected. They use mechanized milking, daily production of products to be tested, from production to testing are carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. In addition to quality supervision departments sampling, they will be submitted once a month.