The flood season, summer is approaching, in recent days, the province around the primary school middle school have holidays, around mid July will have a holiday, students went to the season of high incidence of accidents, to ensure the safety of pupils, in July 5th, the Provincial Department of Education issued a "emergency notice on the safety of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens".

– do not take the car around the dangerous summer vacation: education departments and schools before the holidays to increase traffic safety education for students, and enhance students’ awareness of traffic safety; before the holiday, to remind parents to pay attention to traffic safety of students leave the car, do not hire, hire warned parents not registered for the record, there are security risks. The transport of children, prevention of traffic accidents.

– flood prevent students drowning: the education administrative departments and schools to use classes, radio, newspaper, safety education, pamphlets and other effective forms, targeted to carry out flood safety education for teachers and students, and strengthen the flood to remind parents of their children’s education and supervision, to prevent the occurrence of students drowning accidents.

– do 5 safety hazards investigation: the investigation of the school population centers; investigation of all the school facilities and equipment; investigation and monitoring of geological hazard, endanger the school safety easy to landslide and river investigation; around the school, school, school construction engineering investigation; investigation of contradiction the dispute relates to the interests of the school teachers and students.