for the business sector is in the special period of the reform of food safety regulatory functions, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau continue to strengthen market supervision of food, the holiday and weekend duty inspection system to ensure that the transition stage of food safety supervision is not weakened, continue to stall, no regulatory blind and dead, to ensure the continuity and stability of the work.

to do the source can be checked, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial system for all food operators all the implementation of the cable card system, purchase inspection, purchase and sale accounts, substandard food delisting system. The implementation of the registration system for all shop in front of food processing business, product name, quantity, production date, shelf life, etc. detailed records in the food label on the card, in order to prevent substandard food into the market. The first half of this year, has launched the "new year", "Spring Festival", "51" holiday market and children’s food, meat products, halal food, dairy products and other special rectification, the inspection of food stores and food 25 thousand and 300 times, 230 cases, a total value of 121 thousand and 600 yuan, collect fines 748 thousand and 400 yuan. "Baby" alters the production date seized 106 boxes of tea, meat products do not meet the "food safety law" regulation of the 394 tea box, cannot provide the relevant documents of the 2445 kg, there is the problem of "jinchongcao" 283 bags, 86 households on the invoice system to implement non-standard business households in order rectification the 47 super scope food businesses shall handle the registration of change. On the occasion of the opening, to the city’s various schools surrounding the food stores were examined to check around the campus food business households 4561, clearing 8 unlicensed businesses, and selling expired, "three noes" of the food case 16, seized 1091 expired, "three noes" of the food bag (bottle), and the 7 business super dairy products the scope of business shall handle the registration of change, to further ensure the safety of food consumption of students.

continue to carry out food safety traceability system to promote the circulation of electronic work, organization of law enforcement officers in the system of food safety traceability system of electronic circulation operation knowledge training class 7 period, the training of law enforcement personnel 280 people, to the year the famous food total distribution, general agent and other food wholesale distribution business of electronic information system in the back door extension of more than 90% large and medium-sized supermarkets, shopping malls, "one vote" electronic ticket request rate, Invoicing electronic ledger accounts rate reached more than 90%, other food business operators "one vote" electronic ticket for rate reached more than 70%. (author: Shi Yingchun)