In December 4th, the province’s first science exhibitions and exchanges — probing the practice of Chengdong District of Xining science quality class and students’ learning exhibition and exchange activities held in Dongguan Hui women’s primary school, "brains, think"; show students produced science fiction painting, works of science and technology; the school of Science teachers teaching exchange small lectures, so come to to observe the area, the school greatly.It is reported that

, a long time, the school science class primary school without full-time teachers from subject teachers phenomenon is very common, some school science class was diverted from time to time subject…… To reverse this phenomenon, 3 years ago, the East District Bureau of education based on the requirements of school full-time science teachers must be opened together each week 2 science classes, with, also held for three consecutive years, the region’s 18 schools more than 20 thousand students participated in the science and technology innovation contest, the school science class and become the number of language outside the course of equally important courses, has developed into the leading province of Eastern education. Reporters learned that the district science and carry out with fruits, is a "wall flower wall incense, drawing the science fiction painting of this area by students extracurricular time, making use of waste materials, model aircraft and other works of science and technology has become a common practice, when small inventors, small home science has become the children of competition and now the most popular ideal. Even more remarkable is that: in recent years, in the provincial and Municipal Youth Science and technology innovation contest, the district has nearly a hundred students won. (by boat)