Through the shape of an open book door, greet reporters eyes is to have the largest area, the largest investment and new design ideas, the first public boarding "and other titles, Zongzhai Chengzhong District boarding primary school. The first phase of the project will be officially put into use in March next year, a total of 818 children will be moved to the new town, new school, began to learn a new life happy and comfortable.

October 16th, the reporter walked into the village of boarding primary school four storey teaching building, immediately by the water, wood, Qing, Hua different decoration style open reading area and corridor decoration attracted. Into the classroom, and then immediately by the indoor fresh blue intoxicated, as if people stay in a sea of knowledge.

reporter learned that covers an area of 53563 square meters of the total boarding boarding primary school is an important project in the implementation of school safety project in urban areas, functions and facilities designed to meet the national standards. After the completion of the total area of the school in the village can merge 13 rural primary school, will be fully eliminated the rural school totalzhai Zhen D level dangerous.

school building with "water culture" as the main feature, highlighting the external overall design simple and elegant style, interior is highlighted by concise and lively style, the overall style change from the "water", meaning "water" clever and nourish the life of teachers and students, teachers and students gather wisdom with "water" waves, with "water the heavy precipitation and virtue.

boarding boarding primary school plans to be divided into two phases, one for a teaching building, two dormitories, canteens, distribution rooms, sports venues, gates, fences, campus greening and teaching aids. The two phase of the project includes a comprehensive teaching building and 72 sets of public rental.

at present, the first phase project of the No. 1 teaching building, student dormitory, canteen has completed acceptance, No. 1 teaching building, interior decoration is waiting for approval, the school wall, door, plastic playground laying, campus road, boiler room facilities project is nearing completion, the construction is carried out in an orderly manner. A project plan in March next year and put into use, will advance the total 9 schools and Zhai zhen. (author: Sheng Nan)