March 16th, Datong County, 2014 key investment projects – the Yellow River small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base signing ceremony was held. This marks the the Yellow River industrial group invested 900 million yuan for the majority of small and micro enterprises to create entrepreneurial dream factory eventually settled in Datong County, Beichuan industrial park.

in recent years, the city firmly establish the big investment, recruit big business concept, further improve the level of opening up, to further increase investment, innovative investment model, to improve the system, improve the service, to create a new situation of investment. Datong County, as an important industrial base in Xining, location, resources, industry, transportation and other obvious advantages, is becoming a hot spot for investment and investment. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang pointed out in his speech, the Yellow River Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial base project will strengthen and regulate the Datong County and the city’s Small and micro businesses development, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, accelerate the process of new industrialization, have a positive role in promoting.

the Yellow River Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial base is located in Beichuan Industrial Park core block, covers an area of 1100 acres, the construction in three phases, a period covering more than 18 square meters, construction area of 160 thousand square meters. In the park, a shaft, a ring and a longitudinal network, covering every corner. With the construction of the standard base area of 3-7 acres, detached homes, independent property rights, Shuangpin design, land intensive. Each independent unit is equipped with standardized workshop, product exhibition hall, administrative office area, staff quarters and living areas. Supporting the water, electricity, gas into the home, the hospital has an independent office and cargo parking spaces. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of the overall environment of the park, the park can realize the "one to one" customization.

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, the Yellow River small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base is expected to be put into use at the end of the year, after the completion of large-scale logistics enterprises will be settled as well as mechanical processing and maintenance enterprises. In addition to the construction of finance, communications, conferences, hotels, clubs, restaurants, convenience stores, entertainment and other supporting facilities. After the completion of the entrepreneurial base, can accommodate more than 210 enterprises, providing more than 8 thousand jobs. Will promote the economic development of the surrounding areas of Changning, promote the surrounding villages and towns to get rich together, create more jobs, ease social employment pressure and other aspects to make a positive contribution.

signing ceremony, settled on behalf of the company on behalf of Chengdu Feng Park Packaging Co., Ltd., Qinghai Province, an advanced private enterprise Xining Motor Co., Ltd. and the Yellow River small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base signed a subscription agreement.