the morning of October 13th, North Zone Technology Fumin County special action plan project launch ceremony was held in Qinghai Hui Tian planting base. Provincial Science and Technology Department, municipal science and Technology Bureau, the district government leaders and relevant members of the unit, the project implementation unit leaders and officials attended the launching ceremony.

Since 2008,

approved the national science and technology Fumin County special action plan "construction" integrated technology integrated agriculture related technology products of suburban and industrial base project, through three years of implementation, acceptance of the project performance evaluation of outstanding achievements, in September this year, continued approval of the follow-up to the central special funds. In the "National Science and technology Fumin County special action program" to start the ceremony, I board with the project implementation unit signed a project contract, the task decomposition to specific implementation units, each unit in accordance with the contract requirements conscientiously fulfill, to ensure the successful completion of construction tasks.

through the implementation of the project, based on the regional advantages and resources transformation, technology development of the pillar industry characteristics as the breakthrough point, to solve the problems of key technology, strengthening scientific and technological service system, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and advanced technology promotion, support regional pillar industry development, rich farmers, business efficiency and financial income. Walk the path of prosperity of science and technology, achieve land scale, the agriculture production organization, the agricultural industry in our region has been further upgraded. (author: Yan Qingqing)